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About us

We became addicted to the new technology and really love new stuff.

For Slovakia we would like to show modern and original ways of presentation which AR represents itself. We create the craziest ideas, which could be applicable into the virtual reality. We rise to the challenges and we are looking forward to the each component made from AR!

Product AR digital guide has arised from agency Strategic s.r.o. which is interested in advertising and marketing strategy. Strategic agency has worked since 2008 like gradually profiled company, which offer original and non-standart solutions and forms of presentation.

What is augmented reality?


Augmented reality is original, remarkable and interactive way of prezentation, education and fun.

AR- augmented reality is a new angle of vision to the real envirmonment, which is suplemment by virtual content. This is visible on the displays of smartphones and tablets. Through the appication in these devices will amplify information value of the object under examination. Easy to watch, rate, like, buy, play or educate. There are an unlimited number of virtual elements which are applicable to the real world. Let´s take a look at them!


          1. AR is the system, which can be define like:


            1. > combine both, real and virtual world
            2. > is interactive in real time
            3. > is adapted for 3D interface



Interesting facts about augmented reality:


The term „virtual reality“ has been created in 1989 by Jaron Lanier who also made the first one commercial company, which applied virtual world into the real one.

We are exposed to using the AR technology for many years: visualization used on TV news and weather report was the first AR application in television.

30% users of mobile , who have data planes in developed markets will use AR once a week in 2014. ( source: Ypulse and youth market research).

It should be download more than 2,5 billion AR application per year up to 2017, games primarly.



AR elements

These digital components we can apply to augmented reality system:

Video, 3D models, interactive control, connection with social sites and pages. It is possible to hide other format of information into the subject, photo, sheet of paper, or interier/exterier objects. Available for iOS and ANDROID. NEEDS NO HARDWARE!

elementy ar
    [service_item title="3D MODEL" img="http://ardigitalguide.com/wp-content/uploads/3d-model_icon.png"] static, animated or interactive [/service_item] [service_item title="AUDIO" img="http://ardigitalguide.com/wp-content/uploads/audio_icon.png"] voice recording, music, comment [/service_item] [service_item title="VIDEO" img="http://ardigitalguide.com/wp-content/uploads/video_icon.png"] different lenghts , with / without sound [/service_item] [service_item title="PHOTO" img="http://ardigitalguide.com/wp-content/uploads/button_icon.png"] full screen photo or applied on object [/service_item] [service_item title="INFORMATION, DESCRIPTIONS, REFERENCES" img="http://ardigitalguide.com/wp-content/uploads/button_icon.png"] hyperlink, clickthrough, social [/service_item]

AR samples

Try app AR digital guide! Follow these instructions:

1.   Go to your application store (App Store or Google Play) and find AR Digital Guide

2.   Download the app a while to install, download these files with markers:

          Markers - 3D Dinosaur and locomotive (pdf)

          Markers - 3D collage and Statue of Liberty (pdf)

          Markers - 3D Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Treasure (pdf)

      These files you can print or display them on the screen

3.   Run the AR digital guide, aim at your marker and discover hidden content ...

Augmented reality in museums...

Modern, interactive and unusual way of education and drawing information. AR engage every visitor and regular user of smartfon or tablet. You, visitors and guests need smartfon or tablet, Internet access and our application in order to uncover interactive content. It will begin enthusiastic discovering of virtual world in reality in a few seconds.

Augmented Reality - effective presentation for companies. Paper can manage, but augmented reality could manage much more! Presentation catalogue is enriched by interesting virtual content which can streamline communication directly to costumer. It create an image and dig into memory of everybody who experience augumented reality.

And the customers are curious! Reach them by unusual way to get their attention at the point of sale.

Augmented reality in the world

Utilization of AR



Uncoventional using of advertising space, more interaction and remarkable view of presentation of the product or service.


In both exterier or interier, it could be mark everything in virtual world. Searching and navigation in space is easy now.


More interesting and more funny view on studied object or data. There is a bondless visual memory, which can to support memorability.


Fun, games and extraordinary experience are the main objective of every good event. So, why not to try augmented reality?


Testing goods in e- shopes solved Augmented Reality. At home, you can try on accessories, T-shirts, dress before your buying.


Purchase directly from printed catalog with the help of a smartfon or tablet is cool!


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